Improve your Web Hosting tariff

Your website or online store needs to expand the options included in the Web Hosting package? You can do this at any time. You can order these options by contacting Ru-hoster managers

Extra mailboxes

Extra mailboxes30 ₽ per month

Do you need more mailboxes than included in the tariff? You can always increase the number of mailboxes.

SSL certificates from Globalsign GMO

Paid SSL-certificatefrom 800 ₽ per year

If free Let's Encrypt certificates are not suitable for you, you can always buy certificates from our partner, Globalsign GMO certification center. We accept orders for certificates Domain SSL, Organization SSL and Extended SSL.

Dedicated IP-address

Dedicated IPv4 address100 ₽ per month

Own IP address will allow you to register your domain in Reverse DNS and use preventive protection against DDoS-attacks.

Extra databases

Additional MySQL database100 ₽ per month

If you need an extra database, you can always buy more.

Backup recovery

Recover website from backup100 ₽ per copy

Every night, Ru-hoster backs up your files and databases to protect against system failures. What if you accidentally deleted some files? They can be restored. To recover from backup, contact your manager.


Web Hosting from Ru-hoster

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