MySQL Database Hosting

MySQL database specially designed for game servers. Trust your data to professionals!

За 99 ₽/month


MySQL database in Ru-hoster cloud for maximum reliability.

MySQL database is the core of your project. You will have high availability, reliable storage, and flexible data management together with access control tools.

External access to the database

Database can be accessed from any location: game server, website, home or office.

High availability

MySQL servers are located on a High Availability cluster. That means all the hardware and connections are backed up. The database will be available regardless on any problem!

Comfortable management

You can manage your data both from the PHPMyAdmin interface aswell as from any desktop client on your PC.


We make full backups of all your data on a daily basis, and store them in another data center.

Access rights

Permission to access data from a specific IP only, or create a separate read-only user can be done directly in the control panel.

Availability monitoring

We are constantly monitoring the availability and performance of MySQL servers. Any problems will not go unnoticed and will have an instant solution.


MySQL Hosting

Trust your data only to professionals!

99 ₽/month