Few words about how Ru-hoster works

Datacenter Tier 3 in Moscow

Ru-hoster is located in one of the best Moscow datacenter: DataLine NORD located at Korovinskoe Highway, 41. It's Tier 3 level datacenter, guaranteeing the availability of at least 99.982%.


Server and network infrastructure Ru-hoster is:

  • Supermicro server hardware

    High-quality server hardware based on Supermicro platforms with Xeon E5 and Core i7 processors, server SSDs, IPMI and two power supplies.

  • Juniper and Cisco network hardware

    Juniper MX960 and top-of-rack commutators Cisco 4948e are core of the network.

  • Monitoring

    We use Zabbix, Grafana and Graylog to keep everything under full control.

Proper connectivity

Ru-hoster network has an excellent connection to the Internet, due to that we have the best ping all over Russia, CIS and Europe. The secret of such low latency is simple: we are connected to 8 operators and have had peering with 149.:

  • NTT Communications
  • Telia Carrier
  • Cogent Communications
  • Level 3
  • Vympelcom (Beeline)
  • CDNet (Demos Telecom)
  • and peering with 149 smaller operators

This allows to keep minimal ping in combination with high fault tolerance which is highly appreciated by our customers. It's easy to check by attempting to ping any of our IP addresses, for example


And of course, the main value of Ru-hoster is a team of experienced professionals who are aware how to keep things rolling, who have been working for the benefit of the company and its customers for many years. 24 hours a day, these people are involved in hardware maintenance, system monitoring and configuration, service development and customer support. Ru-hoster team is delighted that due to it's hard work, thousands of our customers today may have services that are used by hundreds of thousands of people.