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Is your radio growing and developing? Our tariffs can be better for you.

Extra disk space

10 Gb of extra disk space150 ₽ per month

Incase if original 10 Gb of disk space becomes not enough, you can always buy more.

Custom solutions

Our employees have extensive experience in creating truly interesting internet radio stations. Such projects are made according to individual specifications. Please contact us to clarify the technical feasibility and request a quotation.

What cases we can do?

Integration with API

Integration with a third-party API will allow you to manage certain events (jingles, selection of the next track, change the logic of work, authorization of hosts, etc.) from third-party systems. The most interesting example of such integration is automatic playback of tracks that won the voting for the next track on your website (SMS-voting, game server, mobile application, etc.)

Create an API for the radio site

If you don't have an API for your website yet, our specialists will help you to create the terms of reference for its development, which maximizes the full potential of interaction between the site and the radio station.


Segregation by country (different language versions) and region (local radio jingles, time zone linking to various regions) helps offline radio stations to be closer to their listeners due to local advertising and news. Using special technical solutions, the geodependency of the airwaves can be implemented for online radio stations as well.

High Quality of Service

Emportant aspect of Internet broadcasting is redundancy, as it is usually broadcast from a single point, often vulnerable to attacks and technical failures. The competent structure of relay servers, role separation and redundancy will allow you to achieve maximum fault tolerance of your broadcast and not to lose listeners in case of critical failures.

CDN (content delivery network)

The closer the broadcasting server is to the listener, the more stable the broadcast is. We can deploy any CDN configuration for you.


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