DNS-hosting for your domain

Park your domain in the Ru-hoster DNS cluster to manage it as efficiently as possible. There are a lot of usage scenarios!

  • Direct traffic to your own server.
  • Organize access to the game server by domain.
  • Use free Yandex or Gmail services on your own domain.

За 360 ₽/year


Geographically distributed DNS cluster by Ru-hoster

Most hosting services provide two or four NS (name servers) for domain parking hosted on the same server/data center. As for the Ru-hoster DNS cluster, it is maintained by different physical machines in different countries. And of course, with DDoS protection. *

Traffic to your own server

If you have your own dedicated or virtual server and you need a reliable DNS service, this service is for you. Create any number of A/CNAME/TXT/MX records on any of your servers.

Game server access by domain

Connecting to the game server and sharing with friends an address like «samp.ru-hoster.com» instead of «» is much more convenient for players.

Gmail or Yandex free services

Using free email is easy and convenient. But many customers may consider an address «supercompany@yandex.ru» not as respectable as «director@supercompany.ru». Order a domain, park it on our DNS Hosting, set up MX records for Yandex/Gmail according to easy instructions, and your beautiful mail address is ready!

* The service does not provide protection against DDoS attacks for end resources.
Protected against DDoS attacks directly on DNS servers.



Parking your domain to the Ru-hoster DNS servers.

30 ₽/month