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DNS hosting

This service allows you to register your domain name on our DNS-servers and to effectively manage them. Examples of usage:

  • Free services and domain. Many free services, such as GetBB, allow to attach domains, but do not provide DNS support. Using DNS hosting services, you can attach your own domain to such services;
  • Game servers and domain. Do you have a game server and a domain name? Then you have a great opportunity to make the game server accessible through a domain name, using DNS hosting services (for example,;
  • Game servers, hosting and domain. Similarly to the previous example, you can your game server available through a domain name and at the same time, use it on any free hosting service, such as Ucoz.;
  • Free Google/Yandex e-mail. Use any website hosting and a free e-mail from Google or Yandex together on the same domain name.

As you can see, the possibilites from combining different services with DNS hosting service are unlimited. If you are interested in one of the examples and want more information, please contact our technical support.


Discounts and gifts

By purchasing services from our company, you can take part in a charity event. Read more. Guaranteed full refund within 15 days.

Service cost

Owning 1 domain costs 30 rubles/month
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What is included?

The cost of this service includes an ability to park your domain to Ru-hoster's DNS-cluster, as well as an access to the control panel, where you can manage your DNS records of your domain.

What if I don't have a domain yet?

You can always register one from us, read more.


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