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Order a server in Moscow

A type of hosting in which an entire separate physical machine is provided to the client. Commonly used to run applications which can't coexist on the same server with other projects or which have high resources demands.

The datacenter, in which your server will be located, has the best conditions for the servers to work 24/7.

Starting from 4210 rubles per month.
  • Guaranteed first class power supply, 220V, 50Hz.
    Two power inputs from different substations, uninterruptible power system with accumulator reserves and diesel generators (activates automatically).
  • Waterless fire extinguishing system
  • Use of several independent channels to prevent disconnects from the Internet and to allow maximum accessibility for all the clients
    Connection to MSK-IX - the largest channel for traffic exchange in Russia.
    Connection to DATA-IX. Connecting channels to the data center by the principle of fiber-optic circle.
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Round-the-clock video surveillance
  • Supervision on room's humidity and dustiness

Prices for dedicated servers

4400 rubles / month

Core2Duo & Pentium Dual-Core

Servers based on Intel Core2Duo processors and Intel Pentium Dual-Core are ideal for small and medium businesses.

Intel Core2Duo & Intel Pentium Dual-Core
Initial level of performance

Hard disk #1:
Hard disk #2:

4710 rubles / month

Intel Core2Quad

Quad-core Intel Core 2 Quad, with a large amount of cache memory, does an excellent job with handling a large number of applications.

Intel Core2Quad
Average level of performance

Hard drive #1:
Hard drive #2:
SAS controller &
Hardware RAID:

6680 rubles / month

Intel Xeon

Quad-core Xeon server processors open up new horizons. By working together and interacting with SAS drives, they allow to reach very high levels of performance.

Intel Xeon
High level of performance

First processor:
Second processor:
Hard drive #1: Quantity:
Hard drive #2: Quantity:
Hardware RAID:

Free traffic is provided on the following conditions:

- ratio of incoming and outgoing traffic does not exceed 1:4 or 1:2 (discussed individually);

Available on all servers

Type of service  
Complete root-access
100Mbps connection port
2 IP addresses (different C class)
Reverse DNS entries
24x7 support
24x7 server PING monitoring (on demand)


Available OS for installation:
Linux CentOS
Linux Fedora Core
Linux Debian
Linux Gentoo
Linux Slackware

In addition, you can order one of the not free OS (see below) or install any other OS (contact the sales department).

Additional services

Additional 1 GB RAM100 rubles/month
Additional IP-address100 rubles/month
Additional HDD 160GB SATA180 rubles/month
Additional HDD 200GB SATA310 rubles/month
Additional HDD 250GB SATA370 rubles/month
Additional HDD 320GB SATA410 rubles/month
Additional HDD 500GB SATA560 rubles/month
Additional HDD 750GB SATA680 rubles/month
Additional HDD 1000GB SATA810 rubles/month
Windows 2008 WebServer OS1000 rubles/month
Windows 2008 Standard OS1500 rubles/month
License for DirectAdmin300 rubles/month
License for DirectAdmin (permanent)3000 rubles
License for Installatron200 rubles/month
License for Installatron (permanent)7200 rubles
Hardware RAID controller Adaptec SATA/SAS ASR-2405 (3Gb/s, 128Mb DDR-2, RAID 0, 1, 10, JBOD)1000 rubles/month

What are the advantages of our servers?

  • We offer both low cost solutions and business solutions
  • Ability to configure the rented hardware as you wish
  • Best peering
  • Responsive technical support
  • Best geographic locations - Moscow

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