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About service

You are buying not only a game server

By ordering a game server from Ru-hoster company, you get not only a place for playing with an IP-address and its port but also a range of additional services that are already included in the price of a game server.

We will try to make a brief list of the main features that you will receive.


User friendly control panel

Main functions of our game server's control panel:
- server console and full access to the log-files, change map, list / kick / ban / slap players;
- start / stop / reboot / reinstall / update the server;
- file manager, editing configuration files, automatic installation of mods;
- local (from your PC) and remote (http, https, ftp) files upload;
- creation and extraction of archives, web-editor of files;
- access to the server startup parameters (VAC, auto-update, debugging);
- firewall.

Mobile version of the Control panel

The functions of starting / stopping / restarting, as well as the status of the server are available from any cell phone with an acces to the Internet. Pages of WML format are supported by all mobile devices and the traffic to perform any operation does not exceed 10Kb.


Firewall is a guaranteed protection of your server from unwanted guests. It allows you to restrict access to certain individuals by their IP-address, directly from the Control panel. Unlike the in-game ban, this kind of lock completely restricts all traffic to the given IP-adress. A person blocked in such way will simply not see your server.

Mods for the game server, available for quick installation

SourceMod, SourceOP, Mani Admin Plugin, zBlock, EventScripts, MetaMod, AMX Mod X, AMX addons, No-steam, Soccer Mod 2009, IP to Country, CSSDM and many more. Installation of these mods will be available right from your game server's Control panel in 3 mouse clicks!

To install, you need to go the the "Games" tab in your game's server Control panel, information of which will be sent to you after activation of your order, and choose mods / plug-ins from the drop-down menu of the server.

Access control for several people

An ability to create additional users is implemented in the control panel and give them the right to control the game server. You can selectively allow acces to the console / restart / settings / files, including FTP access.

This is useful if there are several admins in the team that ordered the game server. Also, the possibility of losing control over the game server is excluded, in case of giving the data to other individuals. Simply create a separate user which can later be easily removed with one mouse click.

Monitoring with SMS-notifications

All game servers of clients of our company are under the supervision of an automatic monitoring system. This system monitors the status of game servers all day long. In case of any problem, the server will be rebooted automatically. If the system can't restore the game server to its normal state, then it turns the server off and notifies server's owner via e-mail and SMS-notification. Notices will also be sent upon activation of the order and its blocking.

sv_downloadurl link and automatic publication of demos

Presence of the sv_downloadurl option is a huge advantage in downloads of maps, music and game models which occur when connecting to the server. Thus, you can increase the audience of your server by maintaining impatient players, since the download speed is considerably increased.

By specifying the path of recorded demos in a special folder, you and your friends can always download them on a special website. Both links can be found in game server's Control panel.

Protection against DoS attacks

All of our Valve, SAMP and MTA servers are automatically under protection of our traffic filtration system, which blocks DoS attacks on the game servers from Ru-hoster company automatically.

What are the advantages in Ru-hoster's game servers?

  • Low ping
    ( What will the ping be? )
  • Automatic installation
  • User friendly control panel
  • FTP-access and your own files, up to 10Gb
  • Responsive technical support
  • Installation in two clicks of such mods as SourceMod, SourceOP, Mani Admin Plugin, zBlock, No-steam and others
  • SMS-notifications
  • Unique status monitoring system of game servers
  • Protection from DoS, Firewall

Demo servers

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