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"Замечательный хостинг. Отзывчивая тех. поддержка. Мне очень понравилось работать с Евгением, и я хочу сказать ему огромное спасибо за помощь! "
Артур Григорян
lyamon4ik [at]
"...Ребята молодцы, профессионально подходят к вопросам и грамотно отвечают, всегда, когда нужна помощь, есть кто-нибудь в онлайне..."
Самойлов Алексей Михайлович
miruhoster [at]
"Благодарю за хорошую работу и техническую поддержку. Интерфейс управление серверами удобен."
Молотов Алексей Александрович
molotov81_81 [at]
"Удобная панель управления сервером. Радует то, что сотрудники Ру-хостер мгновенно реагируют на просьбы клиента. A главное маленький пинг."
Ярашев Максим Д.
nervano [at]
"Отличный хостинг. По сравнению с другими компаниями - это самый лучший, который я встречал..."
Мусиенко Алексей Сергеевич
sniper-l [at]
"Благодарю за хорошую работу и техническую поддержку. Интерфейс управление серверами удобен."
Молотов Алексей Александрович
molotov81_81 [at]
"Предоставляют хороший хостинг серверов, быстро работает. Мне нравится, и игроки говорят, что нравится."
Александр Торунов
ator47 [at]
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Gasanov Anar Hatam
8.05.2008, anariii [at]
Very pleased with the quality and prices of I know many hosters and the main problem of many is their support, responsive from time to time - you ask for a little help and then they begin complaining... I was pleasantly surprised by the admins of this hosting - told me many things, explained - since I ordered a VPS for the first time and he answered my questions. Also, I received a lot of help from Artem - he did almost everything for me when importing - since I didn't know how to use the panel at all - to sum up, I'm very pleased that I made this choice. I look forward to a continuous cooperation with Ru-hoster!
Nikiforov Evgeniy Alexandrovich
21.04.2008, webmancer42 [at], site:
I've had a bad experience with various hosters. At first, I've been at one... the site was hosted there for 2 months and then the hoster started having problems, as a result, no site and no database dump
Somehow I restored the database and scripts, ordered a new hosting service and after 3 weeks of downtime, the site started working again, but dropped from Yandex's index as well as Rambler's... on this new hosting everything was fine, but as they say, every hoster is good at first, the site was hosted 3 weeks and the hoster went down for 4 days!!!
By the way, I forgot to say that all this time (starting with the first hoster), I have been communicating with Eugene, who was helping me with advices and tried to help (offered me the services of his quality hosting), but I, a silly man, stayed on the same hosting I was, although I was examining for 2 months for possible downtimes and slowdowns and I didn't find anything disturbing the reputation of this hoster. After the second downtime, I was able to take the database dump and scripts, then still not immediately. After another conversation with Eugene, I decided to choose his company. I planned the move for 10 PM, but Eugene was gone already, but Artem was there at the support. There were some problems with the obtained database dump, but Artem greatly helped me and corrected it all by himself. So now I live here - and I'm hoping for a long-term cooperation.
Communicative support, friendly, always allocates time... what else can be better in addition to a quality web hosting?!
Kondratiev Innokentiy Igorevich
16.04.2008, admin [at]
Kondratiev Innokentiy Igorevich Good quality/price ratio. As for a reseller and a simple user, there is really everything here. Even such a pleasant thing (which is unlikely for a professional to use) as a possibility to install any script in two clicks from a list of available scripts. And that is CMS and forums - the list is long. Personally, I prefer something more comfortable manually: using wget, I load archives on the server, extract, etc...
Communicative administration (hi Eugene) really cares about us, so that the client always stays pleased. I've been on an Ukranian hosting once. Oh, how they praised it. Many managers, 24/7 support, etc. Everything is as it should be. Entered into agreement with them, sent my documents and so on. Everything as it happens normally. However, support ended up saying that "Everything works on our end, no problems. You have the problem".
I'm happy with Ru-hoster now. Thanks to the hoster :)
Kim Ruslan Yulievich
16.04.2008, mad_dogger [at]
Great work with clients..administration always helps in a difficult moment.
Simonovich Dmitiry Nikolaevich
3.02.2008, swisss [at]
A lot of advantages. Support works quickly - 24/7. Server works great. No downtimes at all. Uptime 100%
Price matches the quality, which is very good. In general, the best hosting company =)
Vahrameev Alexandr Nikolaevich
3.02.2008, atur-info [at], site:
Ability to quickly solve problems