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"Замечательный хостинг. Отзывчивая тех. поддержка. Мне очень понравилось работать с Евгением, и я хочу сказать ему огромное спасибо за помощь! "
Артур Григорян
lyamon4ik [at]
"...Ребята молодцы, профессионально подходят к вопросам и грамотно отвечают, всегда, когда нужна помощь, есть кто-нибудь в онлайне..."
Самойлов Алексей Михайлович
miruhoster [at]
"Благодарю за хорошую работу и техническую поддержку. Интерфейс управление серверами удобен."
Молотов Алексей Александрович
molotov81_81 [at]
"Удобная панель управления сервером. Радует то, что сотрудники Ру-хостер мгновенно реагируют на просьбы клиента. A главное маленький пинг."
Ярашев Максим Д.
nervano [at]
"Отличный хостинг. По сравнению с другими компаниями - это самый лучший, который я встречал..."
Мусиенко Алексей Сергеевич
sniper-l [at]
"Благодарю за хорошую работу и техническую поддержку. Интерфейс управление серверами удобен."
Молотов Алексей Александрович
molotov81_81 [at]
"Предоставляют хороший хостинг серверов, быстро работает. Мне нравится, и игроки говорят, что нравится."
Александр Торунов
ator47 [at]
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Evgeniy Alexandrovich
24.04.2009, druzya [at], site:
Great speed, great and always friendly technical support service!
Within a few years of searching for a normal host, this is the best! Thank you, I wish you a good development and prosperity in your business which is not that easy!
03.04.2009, adm [at], site:
Excellent, fast hosting, adequate support, even doing things that they are not required to do. Keep it up, guys! I wish you success and prosperity
Evgeniy Vladimirovich
24.03.2009, kom-mers [at], site:
I want to thank the administration of ru-hoster. They helped me to get rid of the attack from hackers very quickly. Thank your for your understanding and your respect to clients. I want to take the opportunity to say a big thank you for the speed of your hosting, very convenient and fast. Keep up the good work and I am with you forever!!! sincerely yours, kom-mers!
Dmitriy Vadimovich
06.03.2009, hello [at], site:
Great hosting. Tried many other hosters, stopped on this one. For nearly a year of use - virtually no complaints about its work.

Main advantages:
- excellent support (and administration =) ) - rapid, polite and skilled;
- stable non-stop functioning of server;
- great prices.

- didn't notice any! =)

So, thank you!
Keep it up!
Vladislav Vladimirovich
05.03.2009, info [at], site:
Good hosting. I know the administration of this hosting for a long time now. I work with them since the moment of their opening. Thank you for being here.
Evgeniy Sergeevich
22.12.2008, info [at]
VERY convenient hosting
Highest level of customer technical support service))))
Prices are quite low without compromising quality
Site works just great
Servers are running smoothly
And this is only part of the pluses))))

They also surprised me with New Year's offers

I will continue to cooperate with the hosting

CONGRATULATIONS TO WHOLE TEAM WITH NEW YEAR and taking this opportunity to say::
Pronskih Yuri Romanovich
10.09.2008, stykni [at]
Provides good VPS, great support, recommending. =)
Dunaev Mihail Alexandrovich
17.08.2008, yarosla [at], site:
No complaints.
Filippov Denis Vladimirovich
14.06.2008, samonr [at]
Using the hosting for several months now, very pleased with the quality of services, the server is well configured, no downtimes noticed, during day, morning, night, it always works, if anything interesting you, then contact the support and they will gladly help. Good luck and prosperity!
Jerebtsov Alexey Nikolaevich
6.06.2008, ltexcimer [at], site:
Using the services of this hosting company for quite some time, I'm satisfied with the provided services.
Particularly pleased with the great prices and the good technical support.