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"Замечательный хостинг. Отзывчивая тех. поддержка. Мне очень понравилось работать с Евгением, и я хочу сказать ему огромное спасибо за помощь! "
Артур Григорян
lyamon4ik [at]
"...Ребята молодцы, профессионально подходят к вопросам и грамотно отвечают, всегда, когда нужна помощь, есть кто-нибудь в онлайне..."
Самойлов Алексей Михайлович
miruhoster [at]
"Благодарю за хорошую работу и техническую поддержку. Интерфейс управление серверами удобен."
Молотов Алексей Александрович
molotov81_81 [at]
"Удобная панель управления сервером. Радует то, что сотрудники Ру-хостер мгновенно реагируют на просьбы клиента. A главное маленький пинг."
Ярашев Максим Д.
nervano [at]
"Отличный хостинг. По сравнению с другими компаниями - это самый лучший, который я встречал..."
Мусиенко Алексей Сергеевич
sniper-l [at]
"Благодарю за хорошую работу и техническую поддержку. Интерфейс управление серверами удобен."
Молотов Алексей Александрович
molotov81_81 [at]
"Предоставляют хороший хостинг серверов, быстро работает. Мне нравится, и игроки говорят, что нравится."
Александр Торунов
ator47 [at]
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Rodion Batrakov
25.10.2010, intruder10 [at]
Great hosting. Works fast, convenient control panel.
Alexander Torunov
18.10.2010, ator47 [at]
They're providing a good hosting of servers, working fast. I like it and my players like it too.
Mahanek Artem
11.10.2010, tre136 [at]
You have a good hosting, I played on the server SAMP Gameworld, I didn't lag on it, it worked stably) and now I want to make my own game server. I am pleased with the support, always online and to any kind of questions, you get an instant answer). Continue in the same spirit, thank you.
Ivanov Timur Eduardovich
10.10.2010, Timakon [at]
I will say honestly... I simply lost my mind from this hosting. Free servers for trial, convenient control panel, everything is clear, immediate service. Everything is very fast. Thanks, I really like your company.
Gavrilov Kirill Sergeevich
18.06.2010, gavvvr [at]
Great hosting of game servers and low prices. And a complete website hosting including a domain, which you can get for free for your game server, open up great possibilities such as installation of various real-time statistics scripts, server management, etc. at your own will.
Sanichev Yegor Alexandrovich
10.04.2010, Sanicheff [at]
Amazing! I have no words, support works with the speed of light, easy to use control panel, excellent servicing. Quality to the maximum!
Golovin Dimtriy Olegovich
16.12.2009, u2ql [at]
The hosting is just superb! To be honest, from the many hosting companies that I know, this is the only one where the work is stable, where there is a good support and service, competent experts!)Everything pleases me!!!
Vichikov Dmitriy Dmitrievich
23.10.2009, ssrulezzz [at], site:
Superb hosting! User-friendly control panel and the prices are pleasing, recommending to everyone!
15.07.2009, inworms [at]
You have a superb hosting of game servers!
Sorokvashin Dmitriy Andreevich
02.06.2009, games-market [at], site:
Just a great support from staff on game servers.
Since I don't live in Moscow, where the server is located, ping is very important for me. In this given company, I certainly don't have any problems. Ping to the Siberian city Tyumen is minimal, slightly less than 30.
Also, the panel is very well made in a simple, user-friendly form, that you can sit with and manage your game server all day long.
I also want to say a few words about the approach of the staff from a partner's side. You can always easily agree on terms of both sides. Really building any server that you want.
And finally... This is the only hosting which is worth using.