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"Замечательный хостинг. Отзывчивая тех. поддержка. Мне очень понравилось работать с Евгением, и я хочу сказать ему огромное спасибо за помощь! "
Артур Григорян
lyamon4ik [at]
"...Ребята молодцы, профессионально подходят к вопросам и грамотно отвечают, всегда, когда нужна помощь, есть кто-нибудь в онлайне..."
Самойлов Алексей Михайлович
miruhoster [at]
"Благодарю за хорошую работу и техническую поддержку. Интерфейс управление серверами удобен."
Молотов Алексей Александрович
molotov81_81 [at]
"Удобная панель управления сервером. Радует то, что сотрудники Ру-хостер мгновенно реагируют на просьбы клиента. A главное маленький пинг."
Ярашев Максим Д.
nervano [at]
"Отличный хостинг. По сравнению с другими компаниями - это самый лучший, который я встречал..."
Мусиенко Алексей Сергеевич
sniper-l [at]
"Благодарю за хорошую работу и техническую поддержку. Интерфейс управление серверами удобен."
Молотов Алексей Александрович
molotov81_81 [at]
"Предоставляют хороший хостинг серверов, быстро работает. Мне нравится, и игроки говорят, что нравится."
Александр Торунов
ator47 [at]
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Samoylov Alexey Mihaylovich
19.02.2011, miruhoster [at]
We use Ru-hoster company's hosting for a long time now. It happened so that our original hoster has shut down. But we do not regret, because it didn't have such a good attitude towards clients, like Ru-hoster has. I am pleased that there are almost no failures and servers are down quite rarely. A big thanks for the technical support, expecially to Catherine Lebedeva. Well done, guys. They have a professional approach to questions and respond correctly, when you need help, there is always someone online.
Great company, stable and reliable, a rarity nowadays. The quality of their services is at the highest level!!!
About Ru-hoster's site (, it's very simple, has an accessible interface and anyone, even those who never had to deal with servers, will be able to choose in a few mouse clicks and order a server.
From all players of Russian Kind Server, we'd like to wish to the workers of Ru-hoster company happiness, health, love, a wonderful team and good luck in all your! Ru-hoster guys, well done, keep it up!!!
Maxim Potapov
08.02.2011, maksikp [at]
Good hosting, no lags, support is actually helping customers.
Jokernew Zelenetskiy
01.02.2011, fataliti555 [at]
They help quite well, but you sometimes have to wait a long time for an answer to the tickets. It is very unpleasant, would be better if you all worked in ICQ. =) It is more convenient and fast.
Vladimir Savenkov
29.01.2011, csszadrot23 [at]
Best hosting in the world. The administration and the support team are the best and the most understanding nowadays. I have not seen better than and I think I won't see. Good luck in everything.
Michael Savinkov
18.01.2011,, miruhoster [at]
Working with these guys for more than 3 years! No complaints. It was my first hoster and at first, when I didn't understand "where to click here" and "what is that for", the guys have always helped me and most importantly, very quickly, showing great patience with my silly questions. Very responsive support; polite; always online; always sorts out the problem and explains its causes. I'm verrry happy! Respect!
Molotov Alexey Alexandrovich
14.11.2010, molotov81_81 [at]
Thank you for your good work and the technical support. The server management interface is easy to use.
Yarashev Maxim D.
06.11.2010, nervano [at]
Convenient server control panel. I'm happy that Ru-hoster employees immediately respond to requests of clients. And most importantly, low ping.
Musienko Alexey Serge Sergeevich
31.10.2010, sniper-l [at]
Excellent hosting. Comparing to other companies - this is the best I've seen..
Bikov Nikita Andreevich
30.10.2010, nekit.electro [at]
Quality hosting of servers. Convenient server control panel. And most importantly low ping, even though I live very far from Moscow. Also, I'm pleased that Ru-hoster employees respond quickly to questions of thier client. Keep it up!
Dima Bochkov
28.10.2010, dimonv12 [at]
Great hosting, I use it since March 2010. No complaints, everything is great, always kind support.