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Projects that receive funds from our company in one way or another


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Finance, consulting, law

WebMoney Transfer in Vladivostok city


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HostTracker [website monitoring service]

Fund for promoting the "Дружественный Рунет" network

Safe and secure Internet user community, «Internet without violence» project

Our friends

VS-play - ratings of players and teams based on results of games between opponents. provides a private space for each player or team that wants to show their gaming skills and become a favorite among the rest.

uPro Legends

uPro Legends - this is one of the oldest cyber projects in the CIS. 5 years of competitive experience, hundreds of big victories, stable and reliable team - now the name of the team is recognized far beyond the borders of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The vast experience of the team on the E-sports market, strong leadership and its loyal players - the pledge of uPro Legeds' success!

Some of the sponsored websites are taking advantage of the free web hosting for educational institutions

Site of the Student Scientific Society FBP KGTU
Informational site for students about scientific work at the Kaliningrad State Technical University of Bioresources and Environment. Here, a student of the faculty can find a research for himself of his choice and materials useful in studies.
Site of the Order of Eternity
It is a social system that is focused on a wide range of people, the core of which is remote education with the possibility of forming online classes and online schools. The system has a client for Windows, can work in a browser. The software for Windows allows you to combine the project with protection and control of PC usage, allows schools and universities to integrate their base of evaluations.
Official site of high school #7 of Murmansk city
Information for students, parents, preschool children - training schedules, educational materials, manuals, tests and tasks. School news, official information from the school administration.

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