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Hopefully we will raise enough funds

The world we live in is characterized by focus on personal gain in any form. And in this often beautiful and sometimes terrible world, there is often no place for the most amazing that you can find in human society - you do not always find a place for our children. Every child, from the moment of his conception, has people who will always support and will always help him, guard and do everything in order to open the way to the future for the child. But that is not always the case…

Parents are turning away from their children quite often. The reasons are different, it may be an unplanned pregnancy or simply the lack of financial resources for the education of their children. And in this case, the child is left alone. Still quite small and maybe a little bit older - doesn't matter. The main thing is that there is no one to take care of him now. In such situations, the society puts the government responsable for the child's custory, but unfortunately, under Russian realities, it cannot help everyone, yet everyone is in need of help.

The aim of our company's charity action is simple and clear. We want to help these children by any means. Based on our hosting-company, we organize fund-raising for their further use for the purchase of diapers, powders, toys, educational, developing and many other useful things for the local orphanage (Artem city, 31 Lenin st.). Any interested person can make a contribution, there are several ways to do this:

  • when making an order for any service, agree to transfer 1% of the profit we received from from your account for charity;
  • when ordering any service, choose a package for a one-time donation (now available in 100, 250 and 500 rubles);
  • without ordering any of the service, you can order a special package «Charity» (package without services, charity only), in which you can also select the amount to donate.

We hope that together with you, we will be able to gather enought money to help children in this evil and selfish world. In what concerns us, we ensure that all received funds during the campaign will be used for its intended purpose.

As of September 29th, 13700 rubles have been collected, 30000 rubles is our target *

* - amount necessary for the purchase and delivery of necessary things (obviously, delivering little items one by one does not make sense)

Under the slogan «From energy heat to the warmth of children's hearts». (© I. Cherkasov) Don't stand aside when you are so needed.

For their understanding and their support, we would like to thank Igor Kalujskiy, Igor Suhorukov and Alexey Novikov.